Cappadocia from Above

4:30 am – Wake up in our cave-dorm to be shuttled away by Ürgup Balloons

6:30 am – Jump into a basket that is just about to win against gravity.

Firing up

Balloon crew hanging on until the crucial moment


Sun rise

Long shadows

Mt. Erciyes

Far off in the distance, over 100 kilometers away, stands the extinct volcano, Mount Erciyes. Legendary site of St. George’s dragon slaying, and source of the geologic material that has eroded into the Cappadocian wonderland. You can just baaarely see it here.

Do look down

Beneath our feet

Sun flare

Dusty road

Volanic tuff, eroded

Eroded rock formations

Above a valley

Cave dwelling

Rose colored ripples


Sun rise

Tony and Alicia

(Here’s the video.)