The Cats of Istanbul

You may have heard that Istanbul is home to a cat or three. Most of the cats that crossed our path through Turkey looked very… unfortunate.

Icky Kitty, Goreme

But the ones in Istanbul seem pretty healthy and manage to navigate the rooftops, alleys and crowded streets in their own self-assured way.

Tiger kitten
They’re skilled beggars at restaurants, and the waiters only half-heartedly shoo them away.

French fry feast

Aya Sofia nap kitty
1,500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site? Ideal nap spot.

Hostel cat

Mustachio Kitty
Alicia could hardly contain her excitement at discovering this little mustachioed friend outside of a Galata antique shop.

Inkstanbul kitty
One of Danny Garcia’s menagerie at Inkstanbul.

Cat house near Galata
Street cat comfort station, Galata.

Taksim kitten
Kitten near Taksim Square.

Orange tabby in Kadikoy

Cat in window