White Stone, Blue Sea

Croatia at last! This was one of the countries we had on the “for sure” list. Although our timing was perfect for beach weather, it also coincided with sweltering heat, cruise ship hordes, high prices and limited availability.

Still, Dubrovnik — at least the section of old town that we visited — was easily one of the more stunning cities we’ve visited so far.  Towering walls, white stone streets polished smooth, dramatic fountains and steps, narrow winding alleys… it all feels a little unreal.

Red roofs

Western wall at sunset

Church - from the side


Little fish in the harbor

Big fountain

row of houses

Main street

plant on the wall

Church bells

Anno 1834

Guard station

Swimming hole-in-the-wall

Guard tower - vertical

Neglected walls

Walking up

shadowy alley

laundry day



Alley at night