On the Beaches of Brač Island

We decided to take the ferry from Split to Brač Island.

Brač map

Tony attempted to pass the time by drawing in a sketchbook. This attracted the attention of some 10-year-old boys who hovered over him and then clapped every so often.

Boats in Split harbor

Once on the island, a bus hauled us to the other side, and we caught glimpses of lime and olive groves, goat herds and white stone quarries. Some of that stone has made its way across the globe and was used to build a certain residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

bus window scenery

We also got glimpses of things and places on the island that we wanted to avoid.

Mankini poster

View from our room

The Adriatic is colder than the eastern Mediterranean. A lot colder.


sailboat silhouette

Tony on the beach


But, that didn’t stop us walking through the pine trees to discover hidden coves, or from snorkeling and swimming through schools of silver fish and finding chartreuse coral and black spiky urchins.

Zlatni Rat


Crashing waves

more waves

One afternoon, we came across a pair of young Slovakian hitchhikers who were sleeping under the pines. They kindly shared with us a few pulls off of a powerful bottle of homemade sherry. We found them again on our last day and left our snorkels and masks with them. They were so happy, it felt like Christmas.

The best stories rarely come with pictures.

So here are some sunsets.


another sunset