Zadar’s Sound and Light

As far as we knew, Zadar was an omelet with ground beef, home fries and American cheese that you could order at Hamburg Inn No. 2 in Iowa City.

Zadar old town entrance

poodle on a boat

As it happens, Zadar is also the name of yet another beautiful city on Croatia’s coast.

Ship in the sunset

(A quick Google search reveals that the omelet was not named after the city.)

dog playing fetch

Zadar is most famous for its sea organ, a series of pipes imbedded in the waterfront promenade that make low, mysterious sighs and tones that fluctuate with the waves and wind. There’s nothing to see but a series of small holes in the stone, and its continual song can be both mesmerizing and unsettling as it up hums up from below.

crowds at sundown

And then there’s Sun Salutation, a representation of our star and planets that collects solar power during the day and lights up and pulses at sundown.

blurred silhouettes

blue sun

We sat and listened to the sea organ and watched kids cannonball off the edge of the promenade (click for the video).  When dusk came, families hopped and danced and chased the changing colors on the giant LED sun.  Public art that is perfectly integrated with nature and recreation, and is sustainable and accessible to all is a beautiful thing.  Good job, Zadar.