Pivovar Berounský Medved

In Prague, we met up with Anna, whom we met in Sarajevo.  Anna is from the States and is teaching English in Prague. She was very kind to let us hang with her and her friends, plus she took us on a short train ride for an afternoon at the brewery in Beroun.

We’re not always very good of remembering to take pictures of the people we’re with, so here’s Anna petting a puppy in Sarajevo:


Anyway, back to the brewery. Apparently if you end up in a scrap yard and think you’ve taken a wrong turn, then you’re almost there. Maybe that’s a metaphor for life.

brew bear

Walking to the brewery

restaurant sign on truck

Pivovar Berounský Medved

the beverages

Pivovar Berounský Medved - hops decor

After enjoying a refreshing pint of birthday pivo (it was Tony’s birthday) and some meaty Czech food, we went back outside to explore the scrap yard a bit.

scrap yard

Here’s an old Trabant, an East German car made out of plastic.

Trabant - East German car made of plastic.

Just a tank. No biggie.


And an old Skoda truck.

Old Skoda truck

We picked apples from a tree down the street. They were crisp and perfect.

apple tree

On the way back to Prague, we hopped off the train at Karlstejn to check out the castle.

Karlstejn train station

hot air balloon

Berounka River

Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn grounds

trees changing colors


It was a wonderful fall day.   Crisp air with wood smoke in the breeze, changing leaves, a castle, a train ride, a cozy brewery, and time with friends.

Thanks Anna!  (Go read Anna’s blog, Two Wheels Good, about her cycling adventures in Prague.)