Zagreb, Capital of Croatia

We didn’t have any particular reason for visiting Croatia’s capital, other than for the fact that it had good transportation connections to Slovenia. We arrived with no expectations, and did our regular first-day-in-a-new-place hike around to see what was going on in Zagreb.

Ban Jelačić Square

Ban Jelačić statue

Alicia ate corn.

King Tomislav Square

nun waiting for tram

nun at train station


train car

tree-lined streets

Tony on the street



wall - b&w bird heads

wall - ear

Alicia - wall

dogs - wall


twisty neck

characters sitting on the wall



horn player

Polar bear

black sheep

small wheatpastes

wheatpaste portraits

Graffiti van

After hiking around most of the day, Alicia felt like crashing early. I ended up making some new friends for the night – A few Kiwis, an Austrian brother and sister biking through Croatia, two guys named Mike from London and Jersey, and a couple of Turks who were busking their way around Europe. We all hung out in the lobby until the receptionist’s shift ended and she took us out to a couple of her favorite haunts. The first being a pretty great beer garden where we sat for a while and sipped on Velebitsko dark lager.

The second stop took us down a couple alleys and into a fully painted courtyard, packed with people, and music blasting out of small door painted up like the entrance to a circus side show. Medika – named after the huge former medical factory that once occupied its abandoned buildings - is a venue, culture center, artist collective, and Zagreb’s first legalized squat. A couple of locals explained that usually if the place is that busy it is because a live band is playing, but that night a DJ was spinning a new take on traditional Croatian folk music that everyone is really into.

Medika entrada

So we decided to stay an extra night. Maybe because we still needed to figure out how to get to Ljubljana, maybe because I got home at 5 am.

So our second day we went for another walk, got some train tickets for the next morning, and back to an empty Medika for a few photos in the daytime.

giant dog

buffalo man


“All the servants of love are welcome!”

bug building

flying mushroom

strong man


blue bear

eyepatch kitties