Last Stop: Ho Chi Minh City

We spent our last few days in Vietnam in the city formerly (and still informally) known as Saigon. What did we do in the largest city in Vietnam?

We refined the art of crossing the street. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction, zen even, that comes from becoming one with the traffic.

HCMC traffic sign

Intersection in District 1

HCMC traffic circle

We drank lots and lots of cà phê sữa nóng.

cà phê sữa nóng

We people watched.

Some girls proselytising

Sleepy cyclo driver

Dog at a cafe

We learned about a war (one specific perspective of it, anyway).

Flower on a US fighter plane

US fighter plane cockpit

Vietnam war protests

We got Alicia’s beloved and trusty Chacos repaired. (Bought second-hand nine years ago!)

Almost broken


Cobbler using his sewing machine

And we generally just wandered around. Like you do.

HCMC street

Motorbike parking lot

Ho Chi Minh statue in front of People's Committee Building/City Hall

Notre Dame

Tao Dan Park

Safety first

Bantam on a sidewalk

Neon Jesus

Our guesthouse's Golden Retriever, Snowy

Oh yeah. We ate so much food. Our “What We Ate in Vietnam” post is coming up next. And it’s a long, delicious list.

Tony talking to street food vendors