Accidental Geocache

Our third day in Iceland was a grey and blustery morning. We clambered around some sea cliffs (the same ones in our Reykjanestá video) and were very appreciative of our windproof rain jackets. Even though the location seemed to be remote, we noticed trash had washed ashore. Maybe it was the weather affecting my mood, but I felt disappointed, and maybe even personally responsible as a member of the human race, to see bits of plastic and shopping bags lodged between the rocks.

After we hiked up two of the promontories, we wandered back down and came across what we think were the old foundations for the lighthouse and related structures, which have since been relocated to the top of the next hill (see picture 4). Again, I saw some clear plastic and started to inwardly rage against what must have been litterbug hikers. But I looked closer and it turned out to be a geocache with some very American contents. We stamped our logo on a piece of scratch paper, noted the date we stumbled across the box, and threw in a US dollar for good measure.