Shot from the hip: El Palacio Real de Madrid

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t take photos in museums. Maybe most of them are valid. Hundreds of thousands of flashbulbs on a daily basis can degrade the art. If you take a picture, maybe you won’t buy a postcard at the gift shop, thus depriving the museum of additional revenue. Maybe your photo-taking distracts from your (and your fellow visitors’) experience. Maybe your photos are only crude captures of masterpieces. Maybe people will see your lame photos and decide they don’t need to see it for themselves.

El Palacio Real de Madrid (the Royal Palace of Madrid) doesn’t allow photos, probably for most of those reasons above. We kept the flash off and our backs to the security guards. Here are the photos that weren’t too blurry or partially obscured by the ropes that keep the the fancy stuff safely out of reach. It’s amazingly ornate. If you’re ever in Madrid, it’s definitely worth the entrance fee. And buy a postcard while you’re at it.