Hello, friends.  This is the place where we’ll be writing updates so our moms know we are still alive.  And for us to unload our travel photos and for you to follow along if you want.  Here’s the general overview of things.

-Tony & Alicia

Us in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Mini FAQ:

Q: Where are you going?  For how long?
A: The answer to this question has changed a lot over the last year as we’ve make preparations to leave.  (Depending on the last time you talked to us, we might have said we were headed to China or New Zealand or Ireland first – none of which we ended up visiting.)  But we have plane tickets to Reykjavik on April 11 and onward to Glasgow the following week.  We need to be in Toulouse the second week of May, and plan to meet up with some friends  after that.  We’ll eventually head to southeast Asia for the fall and winter. Beyond that, our itinerary is flexible and not pre-booked.  If you know cool people we should meet or have handy tips to pass along, feel free to let us know.

Edit 05 Feb 13: We booked our tickets home!  Well… to North America, anyway.  We’ll leave Bangkok on April 1,  have a full day layover in Tokyo, then arrive in San Francisco on April 2.  Then we’ll buy some sort of two or four wheeled vehicle to take us all the way up the west coast through Oregon and Washington before turning east towards home sweet home (Iowa).

Click here to see a map of where we’ve been and where we’re at right now.

Q: You quit your jobs in the middle of a recession?  On purpose?
A: Yes.  (Now we’re back and looking for new opportunities!  Alicia’s LinkedIn / Tony’s Resume)

Q: What happens to your house and dogs?
A: We sold our house in December and our incredibly awesome friends Chris and DeeAnn are letting us live with them for the winter.  Our dogs are having a great time with our friends Rebecca and Ed until we get back.

Q: What about your business?
A: Although we’re no longer printing Cicada Grove‘s shirts and art prints, we are still designing and selling them through our online store (thanks to our friend James who is taking care of all the inventory and shipping).  You can also still find our designs at White Rabbit in Iowa City (bonus: White Rabbit prints all of our designs that you find in their store).

Q:  Are you coming back?
A:  That’s our intention; we love Iowa City and most of our friends and family are close by.  It’s been our home for over seven years and we happen to like it here.  UPDATE: Yes.  We’re back.

Q: Is this some sort of spiritual quest to find yourselves?
A: No more than every other day of our lives.  We don’t have any specific goals (ok, Tony has some tattoo collecting goals) other than living out a year on the road, independent of location and many possessions.

Q:  Do you know that this is weird?
A:  Actually, we’re not doing anything very original.  It’s a new direction for us, but if you Google “RTW blogs” you’ll find hundreds of other (mostly) normal people doing similar things.  And you can read about their travels in the meantime if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Wildflowers on Smerwick Bay, Dingle Peninsula
Wildflowers on Smerwick Bay, Dingle Peninsula