What We Ate in Bosnia

Bosnian cuisine is Turkish-meets-Central Europe. Hearty, simple, way too filling. If you’ve recovered from our run down of Turkish food, here is a little taste of Bosnia.


We dropped some coin at Dveri, a restaurant a little more upmarket than we usually visit. Goulash with beef, mushrooms and plums. Polenta with smoked beef, cheese, tangy cream and an egg. Flaky, buttery rolls. So rich. We actually did not finish it all, if you can believe it.


carrot ginger soup

Carrot ginger soup.


Burek – flaky pastry filled with your choice of meat, cheese, spinach or potato. Best for breakfast, as long as you don’t plan on moving for the rest of the day.


Grape leaf dolmas – just as good as the ones we had in Turkey, but served in broth and smothered with sour cream.


We don’t remember the Bosnian name for this, but the English menu called it a “mince meat omelet.”

Sogan dolmas

Sogan dolmas – little onions stuffed with minced meat.


Ćevapčići – little beef or chicken sausages stuffed into an incredible flatbread (warmed by being grilled in the sausage fat), with chopped onion, sour cream and kajmak (a type of clotted cream).


Fresh friend doughnuts with a side of kajmak… topped with regular cream.


Sarajevska pivo. (Fun fact: the Sarajevska Pivara supplied the city with fresh water during the war.) Živjeli! Cheers!