Alicia’s Little Black Book

A thin notebook that easily tucks into your pocket or bag quickly becomes a helpful little friend.

You can use it for jotting down hostel wifi passwords, drawing pictures for waiters when you don’t know the right words, or writing down the name of the viscous, pale green homebrewed potion that you don’t want to forget.

Miscellaneous scribblings

You can draw little reference maps so you don’t have to cart around a guide book or unfold a city map that’s dedicated more to advertisements than to actual cartography.

Map to Museo del Prado, Madrid

Map for the neighborhood of our hostel, Madrid

Directions to our hotel, Paris

Sketch a striking art piece so you can look it up and read more about it later.

Photo montage by Josep Renau at the Reina Sofia

Keep track of your friends’ flight details…

Flight details

…and a fill up a cheat sheet of key words and phrases to study when you’re waiting for a bus.




You can use it to scribble down the words and numbers that Nino and Nunu are trying to teach you while you bounce down a rough Georgian highway.

Georgian numbers and nouns

And you can practice your alphabet and keep track of a friend’s restaurant recommendations.

Georgian alphabet and Batumi restaurants (thanks, Chuck)

You’ll use it so much, it will become tattered and start falling apart. Time for some duct tape.

Jul 2012



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Apr 2012