Oakland and Homeward Bound

We stayed with our friends, Eileen and Elliott, in Oakland, and they showed us all of the pretty and delicious things in the Bay Area.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods

Barred Owl

Hollow trunk


Road to Muir Woods

Wall of fog

Elliott's Photoshoppery


Sonoma Valley


Lagunitas Brewery

Vietnamese food

Port near Jack London Square

Go to school



Hello burrito

Thumbs up

BART map

Taco time

Then, we house/dog sat for a friend and former Iowan in the Fruitvale neighborhood.



Then we bought an old Volvo station wagon with no cruise control (oops) on Craigslist and headed up Highway 1.  Destinations: Couchsurfing in Northern California, Portland (where Sean and McKinze had opened a Georgian food cart), Seattle (Alicia’s cousin Julian), Pullman (our good friends Oscar and Crissa), Salt Lake City (a quick overnight with some fellow backpackers we met in Thailand) , Estes Park (Tony’s cousins/friends Molly and Amos), and then home to Iowa.