Stanely House

In Scotland, we spent all five days in Paisley. We originally had loose plans to spend a couple days in Edinburgh and also to visit the Highlands, but that was scrapped.

When we arrived at the Glasgow airport around 10 a.m., the passport agent gave us a hard time. We were exhausted from all the preparations of leaving the US, followed by several days of tearing around Iceland and I made the mistake of not simply answering “vacation” when he asked us why we were entering the UK. It didn’t really take very long to get our passports stamped, probably three minutes total, but his steely attitude sapped our remaining energy and we already felt done for the day. So we got on the airport shuttle headed for downtown Glasgow, stepped off at the first pub we came across, ordered a big Scottish breakfast, found the wifi password, and didn’t leave our seat by the window for seven hours.

During that time, we emailed to finalize our arrangements to stay with friends-of-friends-of-friends (another term to avoid when answering a border control agent’s questions, especially if you don’t have any actual names to give him). Our friends who we were living with for a few months before we left, Chris and DeeAnn, are friends with Tim and Caroline, who worked at a YWAM Celtic Way Community in Paisley. The six of us had dinner one evening in January while Tim and Caroline where back in the States for a visit. They told us that they wouldn’t be in Scotland at the same time we would be there, but that we should get in contact with their coworkers in Paisley when we were passing through (border control agent didn’t care for that term either) and arrange to stay for a night.

Our intention was only to stay for that first night. But when the cab dropped us off at the weary and worn (but still beautiful) Victorian mansion at the top of a hill, and ten minutes later we were sitting on the rooftop watching the sunset and playing music with great people, we were pretty sure we weren’t going anywhere for a while.

We ended up staying there for our entire time in Scotland. The rooms didn’t have heat, the house was under extensive renovation, we had never met any of the people who lived there before, Paisley isn’t exactly a place where people go to “do” Scotland… based on all those things, it might have been an easy choice to head for the Highlands or another city. But we stayed because of the wonderful people who treated us like old friends and let us tag along with them and played beautiful music for us.

This is why we are doing what we are doing.


(Thanks to Josh Grohman, whose Instagram pics we stole.)