Edinburgh Castle

Although we didn’t see a lot of major sights in Scotland, we did visit Edinburgh castle one day. The kilted tour guide made plenty of jokes, including ones about the weather. We experienced rain, hail, sun and even a few snowflakes in a short time period.

The castle was impressive. We were just reading its Wikipedia page which said that it was built on top of an extinct volcano. A bit of trivia for you to remember if you ever get picked to go on Jeopardy!. Besides that, it was the site of tons of history and violence over the centuries, and was also the birthplace of King James I (the little blue room in the photo gallery). Right now, it holds the crown jewels of Scotland and the completely gorgeous Scottish National War Memorial. No photos allowed of either the jewels or the war memorial; you’ll have to Google them.

Tony got a little disorderly and had to take a time-out in the military prison below the castle.